Lose Your Excuse NOW!

Melissa & Jennifer of LoseYourExcuseNow.com

 Welcome to LoseYourExcuseNow.com!

We are happy you’re here!  Who are we?  LoseYourExcuseNow.com is a PROUD Michigan-based, female owned, best-friend run business with the goal of working to uplift, motivate and inspire people to get past the things holding them back in life, AKA “excuses.” We do this in many ways but primarily through our fun and interactive workshops, which are great for corporate trainings, friendly retreats and community outreach!

During our time together we have found excuses to be hurdles that prevent us from getting the most out of life – they keep us from good health, financial stability, meaningful relationships, and personal and professional success. We don’t claim to have gotten over all of ours, as it’s an ongoing process but -

 Let’s face it: The bottom line is that excuses keep us from accomplishing what we truly desire.

At LoseYourExcuseNow.com, our approach is like the two of us: fun and unique. So once again, Welcome to LoseYourExcuseNow.com – honored in the 2014 Top 10 at StartUpNation!

Our YouTube Channel is here.

We invite you to take a look around, check out our various original workshops, client and customer testimonials, videos and pics. Then feel free to contact us at info@loseyourexcusenow.com for more details, available dates, and pricing.